not-war …

not-war should not be
the way to know peace

as if it were a blank spot
on a dark canvass

we are of peace
it is the groundstate
of consciousness

it is (untwisted) truth
it is an offering of the heart
known in kindness

it is selfless love
it picks up the fallen
and forgives the pastwpid-0626_closeup_vedran_smailovic_plays_in_sarajevo

war in all its forms
is the aberration

peace is essence
peace is inevitable

we will find peace together
or the world will find it without us


“You ask me am I crazy for playing the cello? Why do you not ask if they are not crazy for shelling Sarajevo? Vedran Smajlovic╠ü”

“The musician took his place, dressed in the customary formal black tails and white shirt. He sat on the stool with his cello between his legs. He took the bow and began to play. He was not in a concert hall. Instead he sat in a crater where the day before, 22 people had died.”

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