The Twin Red Dragons

There was an angry man who threw stones at the gods and cursed them for their injustice. The gods said to the man, You are your mind, therefore be your mind. With that, the man became twin red dragons doomed to forever fight in the yellow sky. The gods warned that if either twin were ever to cease fighting the other for even a moment, then both would fall from the yellow sky.

For uncounted ages each red dragon, unsleeping and unceasing, ripped his twin with fangs and claws and burnt his twin with fiery breath. Their suffering was horrible, yet they dared not stop the fight for fear of the fall.

Eons passed and there came a day of exhaustion when anger failed. The twin red dragons stopped their fight, and they began to fall. They tumbled over and over and fell faster and faster out of the yellow sky and into darkness. They fell for such a long time that it seemed their fall would never end. In time, the twin red dragons could no longer find a difference between falling and stillness. In time, they could no longer even find a difference between self and twin.

This is the story the old yogi told me of his birth.