lay stone upon stone …

lay stone upon stone
though the work not be finished
for a thousand years


I forget sometimes the struggle love has being heard amid the common hatred.

I say “common” because hatred is commonplace.  I say “common” because there’s no difference at all between one man’s hatred and another’s. Hate is the same mindless regression no matter whose it is. It is a common aberration of the fearful mind.

When hate sweeps through it is not like the fire that prepares the forest for renewal. Hate is not creative or generative. It is degenerative and dull, and leaves utter destruction that is fertile ground only for more hatred and cruelty.

Hate will always claim that love is not fit for the fight that hatred wants. And that much is true – love will not fight at the side of hatred. Love is the natural antidote for hatred. So the bully hate must shout love down, fearful that love will be heard.

Hatred takes no courage at all; it is simply a failure to imagine the humane.

Love takes courage. Love accepts the vulnerabilities of life with goodwill and compassion, and therein lies surpassing strength and courage.

Love is of the essence of life.

Love endures.

It is up to us to awake and embody love. It is our evolutionary path.