listen to the turtles

you are looking for yourself
I know …
are you this one or that
are you going this way or that
finding your life your purpose
your work
you can’t get on with it
until you can find it
happiness will have to wait
until you can get it right
and humming and the admiration
is coming within/without
and fulfillment and nothing left
to figure out and peace
of mind and it’s out there
somewhere …
the life that is yours
the ground that only you can stand on
the words that are yours alone to speak
the eyes that see what only you are meant to see

go to the zoo

sit down next to the turtles and listen
they will tell you / go ahead and look
you should
try on every new pair of pants
you can find look in every stranger’s eyes
every book in every library every beer joint
every bit of advice that is so freely given to you …
and you will not find anything true, my love
you will not find anything wise and good, my love
that is not already you


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