in a ditch

I’m out for a walk one day through town
and there you are in a ditch
gutshot and choking on glory

you grin and give me a thumbs up

one of those nights we got drunk together
you told me that you weren’t going for anything so slight
as something to die for

you wanted the full high righteous
of something to kill for
I could see already

that your mind was full of razors
that you had that primal insecurity
that men fall in love with

every day you stood in front of your mirror
until one day you smashed it into a thousand faces

you ran through the town screaming
I see evil         I will save you from it
I will save you

I grabbed you and held you and
said, My Brother

your enemies scream that they
must be saved from you

that was the last time we met
and now I find you here

I fear that I have failed you
let you see too much
before your eyes were open

(how much hate could you see
and not be bound by it)

take my hand
rise up out of there
come with me