begin there

what were you told at daybreak that set you
what did you see in the schoolyard
and the wars you attended
that seemed to be the truth

I asked a wise woman of the town
how I could know the self I was
before all of my tomorrows and yesterdays
had become the concerns of my life

she said,

after a long journey a great bird came to rest

in a tree near a brook that ran below gentle hills

of wild grasses and new flowers turning to the sun …

begin there


DEAR READER: For the past year I’ve had ulcerative colitis (UC). UC, along with Chron’s disease, is a chronic, inflammatory bowel disease. One of the prominent features of UC is great tiredness. To that we can add nausea, loss of appetite and weight loss – I’ll spare you and not tell you of the other symptoms. Anyway, the outcome is I don’t get much done. I pretty much just want to sleep and mope. I’ve been taking lots of meds, of course, but so far no real improvement. And, I don’t get much writing done. I haven’t lost interest at all. I love to write, but I just don’t have the strength. My loving wife Elizabeth has been absolutely heroic throughout all of this. I don’t want to think of where I’d be were it not for her. So I do have excellent care. Okay, I wanted you to know why I don’t post more often. I haven’t stopped writing, I’ve just gotten slower. Thank you for coming around.


4 responses to “begin there

  1. I wish you could be a new flower, that begins here. You’ve got a real stressful challenge there. I am impressed at the soft kindness of your writing when dealing with something that might make you want to wield swords. I know that illness causes depression which is a slippery illness that turns on itself and makes the body sicker. It sounds like you are living in love though. I want to think so. I know I love you.

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    • Thanks, Hil. I am living in love, and that makes all the difference. I’m a lucky man. I’ve been meaning to email you for some guidance on CBD. I’m taking way more pharmaceuticals than I’d like. But that’s what doctors do, and I’m ready to try something else. Thanks for your kind words, my friend. I love you, too.


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