boundless gate

what would be the sign
of a boundless gate – flowers
growing by the wall


night is coming
form is lost in darkness  – small
frog swims across moon


I came across the wonderfully paradoxical term “boundless gate” in an article in a Buddhist magazine recently. This sort of paradox is a succinct way of saying something poetically that would take much longer to say linearly. I wanted to do something with it and haiku loves paradox. (And I love haiku.)  What could be an image of the co-being of the bound and unbound? So I got an image of life against a wall. I wanted a companion for the poem, so I made one about how form is lost to perception as darkness comes – that our eyes need light to see – and at the same time that it is lost, it abides unchanged; the boundless ever present in form and formless – it just depends upon how we see. Whether these two have more to tell, I’ll leave to you.


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